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Dr. Tim Swift

I was born in Malibu, California, and enjoyed the beach life until I was 13 years old. My mom, being an avid skier, moved the family to Salt Lake City, Utah. There, I attended junior and high school. Upon graduating high school I moved back to California.

After traveling for a few years I settled down in Thousand Oaks, California while I finished my Doctorate in Chiropractic at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles, graduating at the top of my class. I started practicing as a chiropractor in San Clemente at the beginning of 2001, taking over the chiropractic practice of Dr. Roy Trotter. As a chiropractor, I am passionate about sharing the chiropractic story for all that want to know.

I received my first adjustment when I was just 8 years old in New York State on vacation. Although I had no symptoms the doctor was able to locate subluxations where my nervous system was not functioning and adjust the best he could in one visit. As I grew older I went on and off to the chiropractor, mostly off.

As time went by I started noticing pain in my back around the same areas this old chiropractor found the initial subluxations. Eventually my back became so bad that I was unable to do many of the things that I enjoyed. I finally went to a chiropractor that told me the truth, that I had not been taking care of my spine and as a result it had undergone some early decay. I decided to follow through with chiropractic care and periodic check ups. I am happy to say all of my previous health issues changed for the better.

In my time outside of the office I love spending time with my family: Stephanie (my wife), Mason, Marlee, and Miller. Surfing makes me feel connected to nature and helps me stay in shape, I have grown up at the beach and have spent my life there, and it is where I find peace during stressful times.

I also spend over 10 hours per month in volunteer public ministry work teaching others about the bible. I am very active in my children’s interests and love to help them succeed. Since 2001 our family has lived in the Beach Cities area. We love it here and are looking forward to helping the whole community for years to come.

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They had pain. They found relief here. You can too.

"My wife and I have been going to Dr Swift for about two months and the results have been life changing. We suffer from multiple spine issues and our pain has dramatically reduced. We have more energy, flexibility has increased and able to sleep and wakeup without stiffness and pain."
"I woke up today pain free with full range of motion for the first time in a year. As far as my experience in the office, I appreciate how Dr. Swift explains everything really well and takes time to listen and gave me a plan of action, which obviously yielded results after one visit! I had an amazing massage also. And the lady at the front desk is super friendly as well. No complaints here."
"Had been struggling with my back pain after getting injured for about a month I decided visit Swift Health after family recommendations. After 2 visits to Swift Health Chiropractic I was feeling so much better, I was able to sleep without being in pain. I am still going but everyday is better and better. I was so thankful Swift Health knew what I needed and took the time to explain the whole process and to answer my many, many questions. Plus the added bonus was they close at 6pm so I am able to go after work."