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About Us

We are a family practice

Dr. Tim Swift, Stephanie and Mason

Chiropractor in San Clemente, Dr. Tim G. Swift graduated Cleveland Chiropractic College Magna Cum Laude and valedictorian of his class. During his time in Chiropractic College Dr. Swift spent many extra hours after school attending seminars and perfecting the techniques he uses in his practice today. Since graduation Dr. Swift has gained experience handling difficult and unusual cases and has continued with his education constantly striving for chiropractic perfection. Dr. Swift enjoys surfing, and spending time with his family.

The San Clemente, CA Chiropractor who treats his patients like family

My wife and I fell in love with San Clemente over 10 years ago when we were looking to get back to the ocean. I always felt that I wanted to start where I wanted to end, with that in mind we chose San Clemente.

At Swift Health Chiropractic we love to develop relationships in the community, we are a family practice, the type that you would feel very comfortable referring any friend or family member. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and treating every patient like a member of our family. Finding a smile is not hard to do at Swift Health.

Chiropractic patients that engage in the process of healing get the best results

The patients that engage in the process of healing get the best results because they follow the recommendations and do the homework necessary to get better. I would love to see more people looking into alternatives to drugs and surgery.

The people that look for alternatives are finding that you can get great results and save a lot of pain, money and time if you try something that may be new or different for you. I also wish that people started taking charge of their health care rather than just allowing themselves to be pushed into a drug or procedure because, “Their doctor told them to.”

We would like to thank all the loyal patients that refer their friends and family to get the same great treatment and results in our clinic. We love all of you and are looking forward to taking care of you and your families and friends for years to come.


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Providing Quality Chiropractic Care to San Clemente, Dana Point & San Juan Capistrano.