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5 Ways To Kick Cold And Flu Symptoms Goodbye



Flu season can feel miserable and inevitable. Fever, aches, chills, hacking cough…this obviously isn’t anyone’s ideal way to spend their winter months. Even if you’ve done your best to prep your immune system for the sick season, with so many people around you carrying germs, it’s easy to still catch something that leaves you feeling run down and lousy.

There’s a reason too, the flu spreads so rapidly: the first couple days of sickness are generally the most contagious. Should you feel a bug coming on, be sure to mind your “flu manners” and stay home from work or school for at least several days to help yourself heal and prevent spreading the bug to others.

If you’re currently sidelined from a cold or the flu, take heart; there are some simple, holistic ways to fight back against your symptoms.  Use these five strategies to help get you feeling like yourself again.


Rest. Rest. Rest.

One of the most critical methods to help your body out of the cold and flu slump is something that everyone has access to: sleep! When you’re fighting off something funky, extra rest helps it direct more energy toward healing. Try to let yourself sleep without setting an alarm in the morning, and say “yes” to mid-day naps.


Pay Attention To Fluid Intake.

Fluids help to keep your respiratory system hydrated and lubricated to break-up the thick mucus in your chest. This allows your body to dispel the mucus through a productive cough, and in turn, speeds up your healing time. Try to have a glass of some kind of fluid on hand, and consistently sip it throughout the day.

Keep in mind: your fluid intake doesn’t have to be, and shouldn’t be, only water. Incorporate some electrolyte drinks or broths to help your body hang on to the fluid a bit better.


Turn Up The Steam.

You know how your bathroom fogs up when you take long, hot showers? This is actually great to breathe in when you’re sick! If you don’t want to take an actual shower, just run the water on hot, close the door and hang out in the steam for a bit. Your lungs will thank you. You can also use a humidifier at home to take advantage of the steam effect while sleeping. This is especially helpful in drier climates.

Alternately, if you have a gym membership that includes a steam room, it may be worth visiting a bit more frequently once you aren’t contagious anymore.


Grab Some Hard Candy.

Sucking on a lozenge or hard candy can moisten and coat your throat to help bring the inflammation down and decrease the urge to cough. You don’t have to go crazy on the sugar, but keeping your throat coated will have a soothing effect. Plus, the less you cough, the less inflamed your respiratory system will be.


Saline Spray.

Saline sprays (not to be confused with nasal decongestant sprays) are available over the counter and can help moisten your sinus cavity to keep things running smoothly. Sprays can also help loosen built-up mucus that may be having a difficult time clearing on its own. A simple spray up each nostril can help break things up a bit, then blow your nose gently to help clear out any excess junk.


The Role Of Chiropractic In The Healing Process

Chiropractic care can offer beneficial, symptomatic relief for those getting over a cold or the flu. Simple spinal adjustments help to realign your body and keep your nervous and immune systems functioning properly, especially imperative when your body is healing.

When your spine is out of line, it has a more difficult time communicating properly with your immune response, meaning that a misaligned spine while sick could be wreaking havoc on your recovery time. Not to mention, the aggressive coughing that comes with sickness and extended time in bed can impact your spine even more than your usual daily activities. Adjustments can help to keep your healing process on track.


By scheduling regular chiropractic care, you can help to keep your body’s response system in tip-top shape. During your initial evaluation, we will go over your symptom history in detail and construct a treatment plan that you are completely comfortable with before moving forward. Don’t put off your healing; schedule an appointment online or call (949) 751-4000.



This article is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for in-person advice or care from a medical professional.


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