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Swift Health Chiropractic Reviews

person making a heart shape with their handsWhat Our San Clemente Patients Say

At Swift Health Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Number One In My Book

I have been suffering from lower back and right leg pain for well over 10 years. I really started to feel like it was just how life was for me. I have been to many other chiropractors over the years, but non of them could show me or explain to me why I had my pain. I actually cried tears of joy when Dr. Swift went over my x-Rays and explained everything. The best part was how confident he was that he could help me. So, here I am after my very intense first 90 days and feeling better than I ever have. Dr. Swift is a life changer for me. But not just for me. He also does amazing work on my three sons. They are 7, 4, and 18 months. Dr. Swift has such a great way with them and they all love going in for their adjustments. What is also great is how amazing the staff are. They will entertain my boys so that I can get my adjustment without them climbing all over me. Overall, this is an amazing practice and it is worth every minute me and the kids are in the car to get there. You see, we live all the way in Yorba Linda. And yes, it is more than worth it when you find the right chiropractor for you and your family. Swift Health Chiropractic is number one in my book.

– Laura P.


The doctor was very friendly and well trained. I felt like I was in good hands. The staff is very friendly and helped me with any issues I had. It is like going to visit friends rather then going to the doctors. I feel great now only after a short time of visiting them. Thanks doc Swift!

– Mark R.

Chronic Low Back Pain

Before entering Swift Health Chiropractic I was experiencing headaches almost daily. I also was dealing with chronic low back pain that was making it impossible to sit for any length of time without pain which has lasted almost 30 years. Finally, I was also getting sinus infections and the flu every winter like clock work. In an attempt to correct these problems I visited several orthopedic surgeons who treated me with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medication. I also started to go to physical therapy which helped but I could not bet rid of the problem. All of these problems have kept me from many activities including things as simple as walking. Since I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Swift I have not had a single sinus infection for over 6 months now. Although my results have been gradual the headaches have diminished significantly and my low back has improved to the point where I am able to walk and do stretches on a daily basis.

– Elsa

Daily Headaches

Before entering Swift Health Chiropractic my life as a swimming instructor was much more difficult. Over the last four years I have been suffering with daily headaches which I have been taking pain medication and Advil for without ever getting to the root of the cause. I have also had very long menstrual cycles lasting six to eight months in a row and low back pain. I have also had gastric bypass surgery and have been in and out doctors offices all my life because of being sick all the time. Due to these problems and a feeling of being tired all the time I was not able to be consistent with my work or social life schedule. After being adjusted by Dr. Swift I have no more headaches. I have a normal monthly menstrual cycle and I rarely ever get sick. I have completely stopped taking Advil and pain killers. I feel like I have much more energy and that life is now much easier to handle.

– Erin

Debilitating Pain In My Neck, Shoulders and Back

After an accident on a horse in 1956, 8 car accidents and many years of work I developed a debilitating pain in my neck, shoulders and back. In an attempt to deal with these problems and others I have had three rotator cuff surgeries, one elbow surgery and carpal tunnel surgeries on both my hands. I was very limited in every aspect of my life due to these problems. I could not sit still because of the pain. My life appeared hopeless all because of the pain. I had been going to other chiropractors for 50 years trying to improve the functioning of my body and to decrease the severity of my symptoms with only mild relief. After only a few visits at Swift Health Chiropractic Dr. Swift has done for me more than any other doctor has in all the years I have been going. The pain that I have been experiencing and living with for years is disappearing. This is the best that I have felt in years. My mental attitude has also improved greatly because of the positive changes that have been made.

– Eva

Cough is Gone

Over the last 6 to 7 months I have had a persistent cough and nasal congestion that has poorly affected my job as a coach and college instructor. I have also gotten strep throat 3 times within the last 3 months. Finally, I have had pain and decreased range of motion in my knee that has made it impossible for me to work out for the last week. Prior to these issues I have not had any respiratory complaints. All of these issues have caused me to be very tired, uncomfortable and not be able to do all of my regular daily activities. Now that I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Swift my cough is Gone. My congestion has been alleviated. I have much more energy and my knee range of motion and pain has become much better. In fact, after one adjustment I was able to go back to my regular work out.

– Flo

Tingling and Numbness

My life has been severely affected by 3 car accidents that I have been in since 2000. I have developed pain in my left shoulder and in my neck. Tingling and numbness in my fingers and headaches 3-4 times a week. I also have a shoulder that I dislocates about once a month. I saw another chiropractor back in 2000 but all of my symptoms remained. I also went to my medical doctor who prescribed me vicodin for the pain. I was also taking lots of Tylenol. The worst part about these symptoms was I was becoming very irritable with my family because of the pain. I also did not want to do activities that I originally loved. Also work was very difficult at times as well. Since coming to see Dr. Swift there has been a huge difference in the way I feel. My headaches have almost stopped entirely, going from 3-4 a week to only about 1 a month. The numbness from my fingers is gone so work has become much easier. I now have more patience with my family because I am not in pain.

– Audrey

I Can Breathe Without Medicine

Cadyn was 6 months old when he started to have both Asthma and Allergy attacks. He had to go on medication an a respirator for his asthma. His condition effected the whole house. He would wake up for many hours at night taking medication to breathe. Since he started to see Dr. Swift, he has not used a respirator or medicine. It has been over a year.

– Cadyn

Now I Can Dance

In 1999 I was diagnosed with spinal degenerative disease by Dr. Mudiyan at Irvine medical Hospital who told me ” You will come back begging me to do the surgery.” I ran away and started every treatment possible to ease my cervical, mid, and low back pain. It was immobilizing and I started taking more and more pain killers, increasing the dosage of Acetaminophen, Ibuprophen, Naproxen, Hidrocodone, Carisoprodol and sleeping pills.

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I have a PhD in Anesthesiology in Argentina. I work here in the USA as a chemist and I am very familiar with the detrimental effects in long term use of those chemicals, but I had to work and survive. I received three series of epidurals and traction treatment at a spinal medical center which ultimately did not work. My hobby is dance and Martial arts. I have been doing this for years. The pain made me unable to do these. In addition to this, I had a shoulder injury that completed my misery.

On April 2005 I started treatment with Dr. Tim Swift. With his care I have achieved relief. I have decreased the amount of pain killers, and I am returning to my regular activities. The pain and numbness I had in my right leg is gone, My right arm is moving almost normally. The cervical pain is practically gone. Now I can dance, practice Martial arts, and exercise more, this has resulted in increased endorphins and happiness. We still have to work on the right hand side of my back pain which is localized with no radiation. Dr. Swift rescued me from the knife, scalpel, surgeon, medication and disability for life. Thank you my friends!

– Christina

Sinus Headaches Are Essentially Gone

Before coming to Swift Health Chiropractic, I was suffering for five years with sinus headaches 2-3 times every week. I would take Sudafed or Tylenol for my symptoms. The headache took all my focus away from work and all I could think about was my headache and how much I wanted to leave work and lay down and hope it went away. Since I started to see Dr. Swift my sinus headaches are essentially gone. Recently I only get one mild headache every 3-4 month instead of the usual 2-3 times a week. Now I can focus on my work and not worry about my head.

– Christine

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