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The 5 Factors of Health

pass interferance What factor of health looks like this?

“Normal”- what should be normal and what is normal are two separate issues.  What should be normal is plenty of energy all day long and a vibrant level of health that allows you to not get sick, or if you do, to heal relatively quickly.  What IS normal are people with low energy, stressed out, missing sleep, getting sick all the time or perhaps developing chronic diseases.  According to the World Health Organization the United States does not have the best outcomes when it comes to health despite spending the most money on health.  Although the US contains only 5% of the global population, it consumes over 50% of the global drugs.  This is not healthcare or even healthy; it is simply a way to try to force the body to operate normally despite poor health.

True health changes with lifestyle patterns.  There are 5 lifestyle patterns that you need to pay close attention to:

  1. Diet — If man made it, don’t eat it!
  2. Exercise– Break a sweat 5 times a week.
  3. Reduce stress– Hardest to do, work on headspace.
  4. Sufficient rest– Give yourself rest cycles, your body needs it.
  5. Remove interference?????

Some say that 80%-90% of disease is related to one of these 5 factors.  Most everyone has heard of most of these and they are trying to improve them. The one that people don’t understand is #5.  This is the one that will hold you back if you are trying all of the other things and not getting results.  Our natural state is health; our body wants to get there.  If you feel like you are doing #1-4 you should get there unless there is some kind of interference  in your body that is preventing it.  This factor needs to be examined by a professional that specializes in looking for these kinds of interferences.

Some simple examples of interference are: Smoking cigarettes or eating toxins. These will interfere with the normal function of the body and inhibit your body from health.

The biggest interference that people should worry about is interference to the master computer that runs your whole body: Your central nervous system!  Many people in the public are walking around with interference in this delicate system and not even realizing it, going from one doctor to the next trying to figure out why their body is not working, spending thousands of dollars and not getting the results they are looking for.

At this point you may be wondering if you are walking around with some nerve interference.  Most will not be able to tell if they are in the early stages of spinal decay because there are no symptoms.  The best way to find out if you are beginning to have problems in the spine is to see a chiropractor.   If you are curious about your spinal health, schedule a no charge consultation with us today!

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