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Natural Pain Relief

Doctor consulting with patientToday there is a health care crisis. According to government reports about 75% of all doctors visits end in drug therapy. This is not even counting surgeries. Between the two, we are approaching 100% of the solutions in our system are drugs or surgery. The largest class of drugs prescribed are pain killers.

Statistically most people are living in a mode that they just need to kill pain and not really kill problems. Perhaps it is what the doctor told them, perhaps it is just the pattern that they have adopted over a long period of time. We see on TV some sports star that is selling you on the idea that it is normal to cover pain on a regular basis to continue living the life you want to and that this is the approach that the healthiest people use.

The major premise of this approach is just plain WRONG! This makes about as much sense as covering your oil light with some black tape rather than dealing with what is causing this oil light to go off, or unplugging the noisy fire alarm rather than putting out the fire. Simply treating symptoms is not helping you long term. Covering the warning sign may be setting you up for bigger problems down the road.

Natural Pain Relief = Asking the Right Question

There is an old saying that to get a better answer you need to ask a better question… So rather than asking the question, “How can I get rid of the pain?” a better question might be, “What is causing my pain?”; or the best question, “Why is my body not healing whatever is causing the pain?”

Our body will heal itself. We see it every day, cut your hand and within a day you begin to see the healing process starting. Two weeks almost done. Two months almost like new. Why can your body heal that but not heal the chronic pain that you are feeling? There is only one answer: Interference. Some interference in the normal healing mechanism that should happen in your body.

True doctoring should revolve around identifying the interference in the body or at the very least finding a natural approach to solving what is causing the pain rather than covering it with pain killers, cortisone shots or risky surgery. Conservative care should be sought first… Then if there are no results the more risky approaches should be tried later.

Simple, natural adjustments to the body can result in removal of interference and cause the healing process to begin. I invite anyone that is interested in finding a natural solution to their pain to call for an appointment to see if we can identify the interference and gently remove it. Many have already experienced the results at our clinic, I invite you to as well.

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