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How to optimize health and wellness

Well you want to optimize it… But what is it? Most people will not take the time to define what IT is. So what is health—Health is the state of optimal function physically, mentally and socially. So how to you get your body to function at 100%? This all begins with an evaluation of where you are now.

Health is completely different from sickness. You can understand this by visualizing a couch potato. He may not have any sickness, but you wouldn’t call him healthy would you? Of course not, he is not functioning at 100%, in fact he may have any number of unhealthy conditions that he is not aware of. Things like high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Going to the doctor and getting a blood test is not the way to optimize health, at best, it is early detection of disease.

To optimize health and wellness you need to change lifestyle. Change the unhealthy pattern that brought you to where you are at today… There are only five things that you need to tweak to stop going downhill and begin to optimize health. Please schedule a time to visit the doctor and find out what can be done to increase your health and wellness, or you can visit our free special report that happens 2X/ mo and learn how to take control of your health. Everyone is in a different spot and the best place to find out what is best for you is one on one in front of a doctor.

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