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Nutrition in San Clemente

Not A Fad Diet

person holding a bowl of healthy foodsBillions of dollars every year is spent on fad diets and weight loss programs. January of every year millions sign up for gym memberships only to cancel them a few months later.

Images of lean models are plastered all over our magazines and television shows. What everyone is going for is a “look.” Although there are all sorts of pills and surgeries that might change the way you look; the best approach is not trying for a look, but looking for a way to eat healthy and exercise to express the healthiest you that you can be. People working out all the time to lose weight are missing a big component of weight loss, proper nutrition. According to some estimates, 80% of weight loss is a result of diet not exercise.

When a balanced approach to nutrition is found then your body will find the healthiest weight for it and stay there as long as you are eating right.

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