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Natural Help For Neuropathy!

Stepping on tacksNeuropathy—if you are reading this, you probably know what neuropathy is or at least how it feels. Lately we have seen lots of ads in the newspaper of someone stepping on tacks with a bare foot to illustrate neuropathy, and for the people that suffer from it, they can identify with that picture.If you break down the word neuropathy you get neuro= of the nerve and pathy= disease of. So we are talking about a disease of the nerve. The truth is there are many different neuropathies and (of course) many different treatments for it, depending on what type of neuropathy it is. Some neuropathies can only be taken care of by a specialist, but peripheral neuropathy, entrapment neuropathy and pressure neuropathy can respond to natural, hands on care. In fact we have helped many patients that were suffering from neuropathy without drugs or surgery. To schedule a free consultation with the doctor give our San Clemente chiropractic office a call, you may be a candidate for a conservative natural solution for your neuropathy.

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