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Neck Pain

Chiropractor massaging woman's neckA Natural Solution

What is the purpose of pain? To let you know that something is wrong! It is a warning sign. What do most people do for pain? Take a pain killer. Notice I didn’t say, “Take a problem killer.” Using pain killers for neck pain is like unplugging a fire alarm, you are not actually addressing the problem, you are simply ignoring the warning. This approach makes no sense with your house, why would it make sense with your body?

The best approach to any pain in your body, and especially neck pain, is to look for what is CAUSING the pain. With this approach you are addressing the cause and getting a true long term solution to your neck pain rather than always using a temporary solution to a long term problem. There are many non-drug, non-surgical approaches to fixing the cause of neck pain. To start to investigate the cause of your neck pain, call Dr. Tim Swift for a free consultation.

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