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Natural Relief for TMJD in San Clemente

It can cause face and neck pain and result in restricted movement of the jaw. A clicking sound when opening or closing the mouth can often be heard by those affected by this common condition. It’s Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJD.

Did you know that a better solution exists for managing this painful jaw disorder?

Chiropractic Care Is An Effective Alternative to Painful Surgery

The good news: at Swift Health Chiropractic, we provide a natural, surgery-free solution for those who have TMJD.

To address your TMJD, we will examine your neck and jaw as part of a comprehensive exam. We will then create an optimal treatment plan.

Gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments, jaw and neck strengthening exercises and specific therapies all will be used as part of your care. To ensure our patients get the best care to manage their TMJD symptoms, we also partner with dentists, orthodontists and surgeons.

Our goal is to help you experience pain relief and correction so you can put TMJD behind you and look forward to feeling great!

Don’t wait to get started.

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Effective Pain Relief & TMJD Treatment in San Clemente