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How to live the rest of your life without sickness.

What is sickness? What is health?—Most people think sickness is a symptom, the nighttime sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever stuff. What we never think about is the purpose of a cough, sneeze, runny nose or fever…. Why does our body sneeze?-To get something bad out of the body. Cough?-Same thing. Runny nose?-Same thing. Fever?-The body generates a fever to fight the invading germs actually hyper charging your immune system. If sneezing, coughing, runny nose and fever are making your body better, why would you take a medicine to stop those things from occurring? It makes no sense, but that is what is going on every day in households across America. According to US government statistics, 75% of all doctors visits end in drug therapy… If we are trying to stop a symptom, drugs work great, but nobody seems to ask why the symptom is occurring in the first place because that has to do with health and we do not have a health care system we have a sick care system. So what is health?

One definition of optimal health is the state of optimal FUNCTION physically, mentally and socially. The definition interchanges the key words HEALTH with FUNCTION. After all if your body is functioning at 100% then our immune system, organ system, muscle system, nerve system, endocrine system and bone system will be working at 100% and will be healing. Notice that the definition of health does not talk about symptoms… That is because many times symptoms are our body’s way of getting better; as illustrated in the paragraph above, in other words it is FUNCTIONING normally and is HEALTHY!… If you body is functioning at 100% then any symptom you have will be temporary as the body heals itself.

Some may have chronic issues that are not going away, this is a huge sign that the body is not healing and is not functioning normally (not healthy). Some may need to take medicines to force their body to function normally, but you should also be teamed with a doctor that looks for any interference in the normal function of the body from a natural standpoint to find out what is going on and how lifestyle can be changed to increase function and healing.

How you can live the rest of your life without sickness is to focus less on treating symptoms and focus more on increasing health, or function in your body…. To find out how to increase health (function) in your body call us for a complimentary consultation, or come to one of our free special report workshops. We have them 2X per month, call to schedule today.

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