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Disc Herniations -- Major issue, or just a pain in the neck?



Disc herniations.  Those two words conjure images of drugs, cortisone shots and surgery.  At the very least years of physical therapy and problems.


How are herniations diagnosed?  From an MRI… According to studies back pain and symptoms are not always connected to disc herniations.  Many times there are patients without back pain with disc herniations or bulges on MRI.   Well how did you get diagnosed with a disc herniation?  My guess is that a visit to the doctor with a symptom, neck pain, back pain, numbness and tingling resulted in additional tests and imaging.  The doctor, in an attempt to find the cause, ordered an MRI and found a disc herniation.  Therefore your problem is caused from a disc herniation.  The only problem is… Just because you have a bulge does not mean that it is causing your pain, and the tools used to treat it is cortisone injections and surgery.


What you may not know is that most people walking around with no symptoms have some level of disc bulge or herniation WITHOUT EVER KNOWING IT!  Just because you have a disc herniation, does not mean that it is causing your symptom.  According to a load of recent studies there is little or no correlation connecting disc herniations and back pain. Sometimes there are other causes of neck pain, back pain or numbness and tingling that can be solved simply and naturally without drugs or surgery.  If there is a conservative, natural solution it should be tried first.  If you haven’t tried anything conservative you should not immediately jump to dangerous drugs and surgery.  Explore chiropractic as a natural solution to your health problems.

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