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Auto Accidents

The Hidden Damage

Car accidentIf you have ever had an auto accident, you will recall the confusion and fear when it occurs, and you might remember the unreal sense that something serious just happened. That is just the start. Undoubtedly within a day you will have a ton of people asking you if you are okay. Are you?Many times when you initially have the accident, between the confusion and adrenaline you may not feel anything, then within the week you may develop headaches, neck pain, dizziness, trouble sleeping and perhaps shooting pain. Although neck pain and headaches are most common after an accident, low back pain may also occur.

Whiplash from accidents not only causes the initial pain that may fade within a week or two, but if left untreated may lead to early arthritis in the spine and chronic neck problems down the road. This can occur even if there is no pain initially with an accident.

This is why we feel it is so important to get your spine checked after an auto accident to make sure everything is rehabilitated, not only remove the immediate symptoms, but set you up for a healthy spine in the future. Subtle causes of neck pain and long term problems can be missed at the emergency room at the time of the accident. Pain killers are not fixing anything, just numbing your symptoms temporarily. You will not live in your car for the next few decades; you will live in your body. You should spend at least as much time taking care of it as you do your car.

If you have had an auto accident and have not been checked, or have had an auto accident in the past that has caused continuing symptoms; call our San Clemente office immediately and schedule a no charge consultation with the doctor.

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