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Understanding The Natural Approach

Dog with girlWhen asked what causes allergies many will reply, “Well, dust and pollen (or cat hair or grass or whatever) causes my allergies”.But if you think about it, that is not true. If it was, we would all have allergies because we all breathe the same air, right? What causes allergies is actually your body’s REACTION to dust and pollen. It is not an outside in problem; rather it is a problem with the way your body is reacting to the environment.

So, what is the solution to allergies? Conventional approaches will dull your senses to the environment using drugs to dull you down so that you will not react to the environment (or stay awake for that matter). Another approach is to inject you with the offending allergen in an attempt to build a resistance to it (the vaccination approach to allergies).

If allergies are caused from your body reacting poorly to the environment, wouldn’t it make sense to work with the body to naturally help it to interact to the environment in a more appropriate manner? The body interacts with the environment through the nervous system and if your nervous system is out of balance then your body will not be able to interact in an appropriate manner, perhaps causing overreactions to the environment (allergies).

To find out if we can help your body find balance and eliminate sensitivities to the environment, give our San Clemente chiropractic office a call and schedule a free consultation with the doctor, we have helped others with this issue and have been able to help people go off the medication that they had to take for years, perhaps we can help you too.

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